Indian Minor Birds in a Tree

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On a brisk autumns morning here in Sydney, I was observing some of the commonly seen Indian Minor birds. The birds are interestingly viewed as pests to many people, although they are under protection.

They can be aggressive and competitive, which puts a certain risk on many of the native animals. For example the birds are seen competing to make their nests in tree hollows, which means many animals such as sugar glider, possums etc. are without a habitat.


Although, they can seem pretty intense little birds, they sure do take a good photo!

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Empress Austen

Peacock in Alice Springs, Australia

Australia, colours, vibrant

One of life’s many pleasures is seeing earths other inhabitants. The vibrant colours of a peacock are one minority that make the world such a naturally amazing place.

This guy here- named Andrew- as the men are always the colourful ones, so that they can show off to the ladies. He takes most pride in his head stalks (the things that look like he has little pom poms on top of sticks) and is constantly maintaining and flaunting his beauty.

Follow me on my adventure as I explore more of what Indigenous Australia/ Central Australia have to offer!

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Empress Austen