The Little things in Life

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After going for a walk in Parsley Bay in Vaucluse, Sydney, I came across many interesting creatures. This included birds, lizards, foxes and more. However, instead of focusing on them I decided to try and find something smaller, something so different to us humans. Then I found this little one.

The┬ámulticolored Asian lady beetle or ‘Ladybug’, is very commonly found all over the world. They are a bit bigger than normal Ladybugs and can also cause a little more damage. Apparently they can damage the inside of homes during the winter as they are in there for warmth, and if they feel threatened they could release a very potent feremone which isn’t poisonous or anything, it does however have a very large stench.


The Orange Ladybug doesn’t cause very much harm at all, and mostly they can be seen flying majestically and continuing the cycle of nature.

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Empress Austen

The purple flower

Autmn, flower, Nature, photography

When exploring a garden I always look for the key thing, which for me is the centre of the flower. I find that the most amazing flowers always have amazing coloured, or shaped middles.

I seem to find all of my gem flowers in my hometown of New Zealand although Australia has much to offer, the best is always the well watered and surrounded by green, NZ flowers.

I actually am hoping to get a farm so I can visit New Zealand more often, and then I can take more photographs of the beauty that New Zealand has to offer. Things I am hoping to explore more (because I love taking photos of them) are more detailed and smaller objects because people often miss out on the detail that nature has to offer. Things like frost and insects are things people don’t tend to visualise up – close.

I will be posting more regularly now, because I have finished most of my major work.

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Empress Austen