The Little things in Life

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After going for a walk in Parsley Bay in Vaucluse, Sydney, I came across many interesting creatures. This included birds, lizards, foxes and more. However, instead of focusing on them I decided to try and find something smaller, something so different to us humans. Then I found this little one.

The multicolored Asian lady beetle or ‘Ladybug’, is very commonly found all over the world. They are a bit bigger than normal Ladybugs and can also cause a little more damage. Apparently they can damage the inside of homes during the winter as they are in there for warmth, and if they feel threatened they could release a very potent feremone which isn’t poisonous or anything, it does however have a very large stench.


The Orange Ladybug doesn’t cause very much harm at all, and mostly they can be seen flying majestically and continuing the cycle of nature.

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Empress Austen

Indian Minor Birds in a Tree

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On a brisk autumns morning here in Sydney, I was observing some of the commonly seen Indian Minor birds. The birds are interestingly viewed as pests to many people, although they are under protection.

They can be aggressive and competitive, which puts a certain risk on many of the native animals. For example the birds are seen competing to make their nests in tree hollows, which means many animals such as sugar glider, possums etc. are without a habitat.


Although, they can seem pretty intense little birds, they sure do take a good photo!

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Empress Austen

Ormiston Gorge

Australia, bush, colours, Nature, winter

An amazing place to be in the winter- to avoid the snakes and other dangerous animals- is Ormiston Gorge, a highlight, if I do say so myself, of the Lara Pinta Trail. (This is home to many mammals at this time of year, such as kangaroos etc.) We did go for a quick dip in the water and it was freezing! But interestingly not home at this time of year to any scary creatures. The beautiful burned rock reflects of the still cool water, also does the enormous gorge around the corner. The waters surface is dark and misleading, in contrast to the open rock faces, and it is almost as if it could be infinite in depth or super shallow.

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Empress Austen

Peacock in Alice Springs, Australia

Australia, colours, vibrant

One of life’s many pleasures is seeing earths other inhabitants. The vibrant colours of a peacock are one minority that make the world such a naturally amazing place.

This guy here- named Andrew- as the men are always the colourful ones, so that they can show off to the ladies. He takes most pride in his head stalks (the things that look like he has little pom poms on top of sticks) and is constantly maintaining and flaunting his beauty.

Follow me on my adventure as I explore more of what Indigenous Australia/ Central Australia have to offer!

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Empress Austen