Water Dragons Basking in the Sun

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Today was a truly wonderful Autumn day. The sun was beaming and the rays were cascading down onto my garden, where numerous Water Dragons were laying a soaking up the sun, as the nature of a reptile requires them to have external heat resources to warm their bodies. However, the water dragon does inhabit areas that have access to water; in my case the pool and ponds in my garden.


Stay tuned for an insight into the wonderful wildlife of Australia, that I will be documenting throughout the week, as well as the numerous natural world phenomenons that I encounter throughout this year.

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Empress Austen

Autumn Bloom

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Today, I’m in Sydney and taking photos of the beautiful gardens that I see on my way home, aren’t they just beautiful.

I thought it was especially cool being able to see the pollen inside the flower, which reminds me of the artwork I am doing with a hummingbird drinking nectar from a plant (photo transfer on wax).


This photo above is lovely too it’s got great shades of pink present, in contrast to the green leave background.

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Empress Austen

Vaucluse Beach at Dusk

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As I walked my black labrador, Scout, in near darkness, numerous times I stumbled into him because he blended in with the surrounding so well. Then after walking through the beautiful park which glowed subtly on the tips of the grass, I reach the small, shallow beach.

Scout eager to terminate the water, jumped into action but before he could I whipped out my camera and took a few snaps. The cool colours accented by the warmth of the sun setting made this picture a mixture of happy and lonely, which perfectly- in my opinion describes the sun and the moon.

As I stood there furthermore as a wash of clouds appeared overhead and from my perspective it looked totally amazing. It looked as if I was watching a wave breaking from underneath through a glass wall.


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Empress Austen