The Dingo Didn’t Eat My Baby

Australia, dog, Nature, photography

Contrary to common belief, these magnificent creatures live on a majorly vegetarian diet. Funny enough they poop onto of a very spike-y plant which you can’t touch without getting little bits of razor sharp branch in your skin, this plant is called a spinifex and makes up 1/5 (20%) of Australia’s plant population said our tour guide Lou. It is a mystery how the dingo actually poops on top of such a painful plant.

This photo was taken at Ormiston Gorge (McDonnell Ranges, NT, Australia), which is a reliable water source in the dry season (winter), meaning that the wildlife is often active in this region. Of course we were extra lucky to spot a Rock Wallaby! (shown below)

Rock Wallaby

Thanks for reading-

Empress Austen

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